Netflix. Michael Bay x Boom. France.

That is shit loads of TNT. Rolling 7 cameras including a Phantom on manual tracks, two Alexa’s in custom built crashboxes, two operated cameras (one on a lift above the explosion for the top shot) and a drone, I got a certain feeling of what it might be like to be Bayhem for a day. Kind of mad to make a whole commercial in 20 seconds real time blast. Thank you to Netflix, Marcel and prodigious for having me and to all the people who committed to this risky project with calculated dangers. Special created spicy, black ‘Boom Popcorn’ got delivered to coincide with the Netflix premiere of Michael Bay’s 6Underground. A curious and humbling fact is that Bay approved the TV edit. (Thank you Michael Bay). This is a DC version for reel purpose. Client. Netflix. Julien & Elisa Agency. Marcel, Paris CD - Youri Guerassimov Copy - Olivier Dermaux Accounts - Thomas Le’hien Production. Prodigious, Paris. Marc-Antoine Riou Marie Brun 360’ Pierre Saint-Blanquat Line Production. 23/32 Film Maria Jenia Director : Me Dop. : Romain Lacourbas Editor : James Rosen @ Final Cut. Grade : Kene Illegems Sfx/BANG! : Tornado SFX Vfx: Michael White