ACT. Mr.Nickens. Norway

Update: Mr.Nickens won Best interactive campaign and got me nominated for best director at Norwegian Craft awards, Gullbrandson. It also recived awards in Gullblyanten & Gulltaggen. Link to artikle in norwegian: KF

A film about a Mr. Nickens who decides to take action to help young people out of unemployment.

Filmed in wonderful Soweto, Johannesburg. Thanks to all the amazing people who made this film possible. Everyone involved has given their time, energy and talent to this film mostly for free.

It is the launch of a charity campaign to wake up Norwegian politicians to invest more of the Norwegian Oil fund in developing countries. Currently only 1% of this huge "Cash Cow" is invested in poor countries. This is not fair. Also responsible investments in developing countries is a great tool to help people work them selves out of poverty.

Client: Act Allliance & NCA
Agency: Anorak
Production: Babusjka, Norway. Håkon Søensen & Thomas Anker
Line prod: Ola Films, Johannesburg. Olivia Leitch
Post prod: Hocus Focus

Main actor: Sam Phillips
Dop: Willie Nel
Editor: Thomas Løvig
Grading: Phillip Orgassa @ Arri, Berlin & Haavard Albersen@ Hocus Focus
Sound Design: Erik Junggren
Sound track: The Funkees "Akula Owu Onyeara"